Add a personal outlook that compliments and truly speaks about yourself. As a means of enabling our clientele to express their personal style and to show appreciation for loved ones in a unique manner, our One of a Kind range of products are ideally suited to those who are looking for a more personalized piece.


Make a statement saying those special words on a piece of personalized Fanas jewelry or accessories for your friends and family. It can be anything from a sentimental message for a loved one to a significant date. The same can also be done for your very own Fanas product.


Pieces to treasure for life! Celebrate significant events, dates, or special occasions timeless etching into crystal. We have several samples that can be shared with our clients as a reference, however we are happy to sit down with our clientele for more specific needs.


Here’s a to a beautiful idea! Our monogramming service allows our clientele to incorporate their own initials or the first letters of their and a loved one’s name, into the design itself. This service can also be utilized our corporate clients or those wishing to order our products in larger quantities. Our monograms can be engraved into metal, crystal, embroidered onto any fabric or embossed onto jewelry. Our team will help you select a font and style that will be true a reflection of your vision or corporate identity.

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